Is there any reason for you to use a contact form?
If you have a business site, you would want to make sure that your customers have a way to contact you. This is what contact forms are all about.

Having contact forms enable your customers to share their thoughts and their opinions with you. There are sites that can’t handle the influx of messages to one email address only which is why contact forms serve as an easier and faster way for messaging to go from your customers to you. Once you’ve installed your Magento extension, you’d be surprised at how much help it gives you.

Installing The Magento Extension On Your Site
It’s easy to have the M2 Contact Form Extension for your site. All you need is to install the plugin and you can immediately use it for your site. The features are very useful and easy to use. You can simply drag and drop the form builder on any place you need it to be on your site.

In addition, the extension can also automatically create new front-end URLs on the forms. You are also able to embed the forms in blocks, CMS pages, and even in layout templates. This means that you can easily add forms to any existing store page that you have. You can also display your forms in pop-ups that appear when you click a customized contact link or button.

Make It Easier For You To Customize Your Website
You don’t have to go through all the trouble just to be able to create your own contact forms. With the help of Magento, you can actually skip a lot of the excruciating coding can go straight to installing the contact forms on your site.

It’s not that hard to learn how to install them as you can easily explore the plugin in a few minutes. After which you can start customizing your very own contact forms in ease.