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Cast Iron Stoves From Norway That Will Last Forever: Jøtul

If you’re living in the cold, wintry areas of this world, it’s best that you arm yourselves with the right heating system to keep you warm. After all, you wouldn’t want to live in a house that’s way below freezing point, right?

As such, one can opt to install a modern type of heating system using heaters and such. Not only are they efficient, they’re relatively easier to install and use as all you need to do is press a button the remote control.

However, for the more traditional type of people, they might wish to use the centuries-old art of using fireplaces and stoves as heating systems for the home.

With this in mind, you might want to take a look at the cast iron stoves that a Norwegian company, Jøtul, produces.

Why does Jøtul use cast iron for its stoves?

  • Since 1853, the company uses cast iron as the main material for its fireplaces due to the following reasons:
  1. Has the ability to endure high temperatures
  2. Can endure rapid temperature changes
  • They use the recycled scrap iron from local scrap dealers to create the stoves.
  • Cast iron’s then melted down, with the waste products removed
  • Carbon and alloying elements are then added.
  • When melted iron reaches the right temperature, it’s then sent to Krakerøy for testing. Extra alloying elements might be added to ensure the cast iron lives up to the Jøtul quality.

Advantages of using Jøtul cast iron stoves

  1. Suited for extreme temperature conditions
  • Retains its original shape despite getting hot
  • Made from mouldable materials
  • Cast iron can be produced using 3D moulds, making it possible to create more detailed designs and patterns
  • Durable
  • Cast iron stoves have the ability to last through the years due to its high quality
  • Comes with replaceable parts
  • Stoves or inserts consist of smaller parts that are bolted together, with a heat-resistant filler applied to ensure the fireplace’s sealed.
  • Uses recycled materials

Receives scrap materials from local scrap shops, and in turn they melt the cast iron they receive and mold them to modern fireplaces.

Quietest Heat Pumps On The Market: LG

What makes a good type of heat pump?
A good type of heat pump must be energy efficient and yet functions up to its full capacity. The efficiency of heat pumps must provide the right temperature inside the home. If the weather condition outside the home is hot, the heat pump should give cold quality temperature inside. If the temperature outside is cold, the heat pump should reverse the process and be able to make the air temperature inside warm and comfy.

Another excellent quality of the heat pump is the one that operates smoothly and quietly. A lot of heat pumps are noisy due to its fan and the cycling of the motor inside the unit. But with some revolutionary modifications and added dampening materials, the silence that we are looking for in a heat pump is now possible.

How will you know that the heat pump will operate quietly?
Heat pumps like the LG heat pump (LG varmepumpe) have an excellent sound dampening system that prevents motor sound from coming inside. Another type of these heat pumps is those that majorly operates on its outside unit. All parts like the condenser, fan and other parts involved in the major process will not be heard inside the home or the room area.

Some large heat pumps would operate on one area or room, like the basement perhaps and would pass the cold or warm air on the ventilation shaft. However, in some small heat pumps, it has a dampening system that blocks the noise created by its fan or motor. So you can sleep quietly at night without any disturbances.

Look for the right brand Quality heat pumps came from companies whose specialty is heating and cooling. So, find the company brand known for creating such products. Lastly, find a product confident enough to give you a long warranty period. That means you can trust their product.